Hwayoung in 엄마의 선택(Mother’s Choice)
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Kagura loves dressing up, role-playing, and mimicking others. Here are some random examples I noticed:

- Sometimes it’s subtle things where she’ll do the same pose as someone else, like in episode 17 she did the same pose as Wagon.

- In the closing “Everybody’s Train Corner”, she’s the only who dresses up in special train-themed outfits like a conductor and railway worker.

- Episode 14 where Hikari becomes a detective, Kagura suddenly also starts dressing like a detective herself and starts mimicking Hikari’s poses.

- Episode 12 when they got normal adult careers, Kagura became a model where she got to play dress-up as a profession.

- In Episode 17 she put on ToQ-6’s hard hat.

- In Episode 7 she dressed up as a ninja after watching ninja DVDs

- And of course there’s the whole “SUUUPER GIRL!!!” thing she does when she uses her imagination

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