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Thanks so much for posting GO GO Triangle every week, it's my favorite corner, really appreciate you taking the time to record it and uploading it. :)

Thanks a lot! I started doing it because I really like Jane and to me it felt really rare to see an idol I like speaking as candidly as they do on GGT and in English too! Then through that I became a fan of Aron and Crazyno too. Aron, Crazyno, and Jane have so many real moments together on Go Go Triangle and you get some insight into the idols’ actual lives. I’m so glad you appreciate it, it always make me happy when I see someone liking it in my notes feed even if its just 1 person. :)

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Hi, I have some 5dolls albums I'm trying to give away here: /post/76425696682/5dolls-giveaway but I don't have any followers who like 5dolls. I was just wondering if maybe you could post something about it (even just this message) so I can try to get the albums to someone who likes the girls? People just have to like/reblog the post--they don't have to follow me to win!! It's fine if you don't want to, I'm just trying to get the word out with fans so someone can enjoy these CDs :)

Awesome giveaway! It’s always cool to see 5dolls love. :)